What Early Voting Trends Show

According to CNN, as of Monday over 60 million people had already cast their vote for the 2020 presidential election. More people have voted early than ever before, exceeding the 2016 early voting turnout and total number of voters at the same point in 2016. A recent CNN/SSRS poll shows that 88% of registered voters said they were likely to vote, making a total of 154 million people voting. That's an increase from the nearly 140 million that voted in 2016. What early voting cannot predict is the results of the election. Trends are showing that Democrats are more likely to vote by mail and Republicans more apt to vote in-person. While Democrats took the lead in mail-in voting in Florida and North Carolina, in Florida, Republicans are making up a larger chunk of in-person early voters. This is a different trend that what's been seen in recent years.