Parents Slam Loudoun County School Board For Covering Up Transgender Assault Of 9th Grade Girl

Parents admonished the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) school board at a public meeting on Tuesday for covering up the sexual assault of a ninth-grade grade by a trans student wearing a skirt in the girl's bathroom. <a href="">This follows an explosive Daily Wire report</a> about the girl being assaulted by a trans student that identifies as female. Scott Smith, the father of the female student that was assaulted, went viral after he was arrested for confronting the school system's superintendent at the infamous meeting on June 22, 2021 where Critical Race Theory and transgender bathroom rights were on the agenda. Smith alleges that Dr. Scott Ziegler, the district's superintendent, tried to cover up the rape and was told to keep quiet if he wanted justice for his daughter. Superintendent Scott Ziegler was a target for some parents as they slammed the board for "hiding evidence" of a heinous act in order to get "radical policy" passed. Here's what 3 parents said: <blockquote>PARENT #1: When is Dr. [Scott] Ziegler and this board going to be held accountable? What did you think was going to happen when you push porn into the classrooms and into the libraries and let boys into the girls' bathrooms? PARENT #2: There is something seriously wrong with a system that prioritizes reporting a rape internally to the superintendent so that they can control the narrative instead of calling the police. PARENT #3: Hiding evidence and every parent from LCPS (Loudoun County Public Schools) about a heinous sexual assault of a student that occurred in a bathroom so you could pass radical policy 8040 is more important to you than protecting the dignity and safety of our children against the likelihood of a repeat occurrence. </blockquote>