Back Squat

BACK SQUAT Learn weightlifting skills from coach Bob Takano, USA weightlifting Hall-of-Famer and National team coach. This movement is much more than a leg exercise. It has a significant effect on the anabolic metabolism of the athlete, and hence elicits a significant endocrine response if sufficient loading takes place. The torso needs to remain rigid throughout the movement. The athlete commences by positioning under the bar and lifting it off the rack. The athlete then backs away from the rack for a short distance and plants the feet in a consistent, predetermined stance. The athlete should take and hold a deep breath and descend to the full bottom position in a controlled manner. Upon reaching the bottom the ascent should commence and continue until the full upright stance is achieved. The bar is then re-racked. The snatch and especially the clean & jerk cannot be performed without sufficient back and leg strength developed through performing back squats.