Losing Our Religion

Set in the sleepless night of Nuit Blanche, White Night follows six different stories of people in transition. As they weave their way through various art installations they are forced to tackle the issues of, love, loss, aging, and the ever important question; is it art? Emily is an artist. She has an installation. But does she have anything to say? Frank was a lawyer, he was just fired. So he decides to take up a career in crime fighting. Violet and Sully are long time friends. Once young punk rockers fighting to takedown the man they now face the idea of growing up. Melanie needed change. So she uprooted her life in Quebec to start anew in Toronto. The language barrier isproving to be more difficult than she imagined. Stacey likes to help people. While everybody else is transfixed by art she is out to find people in need. Riley lives to capture life on his camera. He hides behind what he sees in everyone else. What do these people have in common? They all find themselves deep in the heart of Nuit Blanche, coercing the sensory overloaded, 905 riddled, art-seeking masses that fill the streets for one sleepless night. As they weave their way through art installations, live performances and the general circus like atmosphere of Toronto’s busiest night, they are forced to look inside themselves to see who they’ve become and where they should go next. White Night is a feature film shot entirely in one night by five different directors.