What is Hemp Derived CBD? featuring BOLT Coffee

<p>Hello my ghouls and goons! &lt;3 &lt;3</p> <p>Here&#39;s another how to video using Premium Hemp CBD Coffee. Where&#39;s all my caffeine addicts at?!?</p> <p>CBD is the non psychoactive component which helps ease the muscles and keeps your body relaxed. (Body High)</p> <p>THC is the psychoactive component that helps relief pain and sedates the mind to be able to relax the rest of your body. (Head High)</p> <p>Hemp Derived CBD comes from the Hemp flower which only produces CBD with NO THC. It can relax you but cannot help reduce the pain.</p> <p>Cannabis Derived CBD comes from the Cannabis flower which is produces by different cannibinoids including THC. They extract the CBD cannibinoid from the flower but will still contain a very small amount of THC in order to active the CBD. This can cause a little bit of psychoactivity but it helps with pain relief.</p> <p>BOLT uses Hemp Derived CBD to infused their coffee. Each tin comes with 1000mg of CBD; each tsp is about 10mgs of CBD.</p> <p>For all my canna-mommies or canna-daddies, this is an easy way to still be able to medicate without having to stop your daily chores and responsibilities with your monsters &lt;3.</p> <p>Don&#39;t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to my channel for more fun videos!!!</p> <p>Also follow me on social media. Stay Lifted!!!</p> <p>Instagram: @coffeendabs_adri</p> <p>Snapchat: @horror_vixen66</p>