Bedtime dabbing with STINGER Nectar Collector

<p style="margin: 5px;">The STINGER electric nectar collector delivers an excellent plant dabbing flavor experience. The STINGER is the closest thing to a real dab experience while on the go. The STINGER kit has an add-on of the glass bubbler, which makes the smoke hits way much smoother! </p><p style="margin: 5px;">The pocket-nail design performs just like a rig, yet still provides a strong taste with the stinger technology. It heats up in 5 seconds with the discreet pocket size, bringing the most portable experience for people who are always on the go. The glass bubbler provides different options depending on your preferences. There’s a “wow” moment after each dab. </p><p style="margin: 5px;">For beginners of the dabbing journey, the STINGER kit is straightforward to use with just one button and an automatic heat-up option. For experienced dabbers, it provides different temperatures setting accordingly to their preferences. </p><p style="margin: 5px;">Features: </p><p style="margin: 5px;">Electric Nectar Collector </p><p style="margin: 5px;">Heats up in 5 Seconds </p><p style="margin: 5px;">Long Battery Life - Up to 60 dabs </p><p style="margin: 5px;">Palm-Sized </p><p style="margin: 5px;">Shop here to get yours:</p><p style="margin: 5px;"> </p><p style="margin: 5px;"> </p><p style="margin: 5px;"> </p><p style="margin: 5px;"> </p>