7 Days Of Weedmas Vlogmas Wrap Up

<p>(This is a reupload from this morning because I had the volume way to low and didnt know it, I lower my voice because while editing I feel like the volume is way too much but apparently I was wrong because watching back on my laptop I wasn&#39;t understanding what the heck i was half saying ...so enjoy my loud soul apparently) and Happy Holidaze: Behold the 2nd day of Weedmas thru the 8th day of Weedmas last night-all in one video! Happy 9th day of Weedmas today, but AHHHH no more Vlogmas! ... Now that it is January I would like to share deeper thoughts with you the people, and that starts next video. ...Sooo enjoy the silly lighter side of life that was the season finale of December Vlogmas and keepin it real&nbsp;2021. Eating, cleaning, and worrying is what i do best I think... Thank you for an amazing Vlogmas experience, and I pray 2022 has so many blessings in store for all of us... If you are my age you might remember reading -If you Give a Mouse a Cookie-preceedded by -If you Give a Moose a Muffin-and -If you Give a Pig a Pancake- ,so if you would like to comment below, I invite you to please fill in the blank which is - If You Give A Spider A Pizza He is Going To Ask For ______ ? What</p>