Puffing Bird Enail Set Up and 1st Dabs

<p>IN THIS VIDEO...We set up our new @puffingbird enail. Then we&#39;ll be taking the 1st Dab ever off the awesome rig they included!!!</p> <p>Come check it out. Hope you enjoy.<br /> If you enjoy this video please, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE it so others can enjoy.</p> <p>Find us and all our #CannaFam on IG:</p> <p>@puffingbird</p> <p>www.puffingbird,com/?aff=31</p> <p>@geeksnglobbs710</p> <p>@natedollars</p> <p>@billieindistreets</p> <p>@your_m0ms</p> <p>@recbyb.i.s</p> <p>@soupianna</p> <p>@ayy_jeo</p> <p>@smoke_mcdabz_710</p> <p>@dabwithg</p> <p>@mr_bryce</p> <p>@chronic_suffusion</p> <p>@joejoetheflorist7625</p> <p>@dexters_creations</p>