Tinctures have made medicating a thing of ease for many people who do not care to smoke or ingest edibles. Tinctures are usually based in Alcohol, MCT Oil or Glycerin. They are made using de-carbed Cannabis flower, trim & seeds, de-carbing your Cannabis turns the THCA into THC which is ready to be obsorbed into the blood. Not all Cannabis derived tinctures have THC though, Some are Full Spectrum CBD which may contain trace levels of THC but not enough to give ou a high. There is also CBD Isolate Tincture, which has no trace levels of any other Cannabinoids. Though it is speculated that to reap all the benefits of CBD you must have some THC. 1) THC/CBD TINCTURE 2) FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL 3) CBD ISOLATE OIL THC - The Home of Cannabis: ~ THC REVIEWS & RECIPES ~ ~ MEDIBLES MUNCHIES ~ ~ HIGH-TECH ~ Follow our daily posts on Instagram: @THC.RECIPES Twitter: @reviews_thc