How To Germinate And Plant Your Seeds - New Grower Guide

<p>Step 1 - Items needed - Shot Glass/Water -Fill shot glass with water and place seed in the water. Store in cool dark spot.In 12-48hrs a sprout should appear.</p> <p>Step 2 - Items needed - Paper Towel/ Plastic Bag -Once seed has a sprout, fold paper towel in half and moisten. Place seed sprout inside fold of paper towel and place in plastic bag for 24 -48 hrs. Sprout root will get longer.</p> <p>Step 3 - Items needed -Peat Puck/Moisture Dome/Light - Once sprout has a nice root gentlyplace it in the soil root down. Gently cover with soil. Cover with Moisture Dome and place under low watt light.</p> <p>In 3 to 7days you should see the head of the plant appear and start growing up towards the light.</p>