200+ Roaches Turn Into 4 (Four) 2nd Generation Joints

<p>200+ Roaches Series Finale (Except for the Blazin)</p><p>The Canadian CHRONiSSEUR rolled 200+ roaches into 30+ CRDs and then blazed em. This is the end with a jar of Second Generation (2nd Gen) Roaches. Second Gen Roaches make 2nd Gen Roach Joints.</p><p>Then the Dynasty Begins!</p><p>200+ Roaches was 200+ Joints</p><p>That's a few kinds of chronic. That's some sticky-icky stuff.</p><p>Turn 200+ Roaches into 20grams of roach weed. Add 10 grams of awesome bubba weed.</p><p>2:1 two to one ratio of Roach Weed to Reg Weed</p><p>30g turned into 30+ CRDs.</p><p>CHRONiSSEUR's Roach Doobies. CRDs.</p><p>30+ CRDs turned into 30+ 2nd gen roaches.</p><p>This is the ROLLINING! End Result: 4 (four) 2nd Gen Roach Joints!</p><p>Whoa!</p><p>The theme of the Month(s) of June and July was rrrRoaches! Watch the other videos and enjoy.</p><p>Inhale! Exhale! Enjoy!</p><p>Thanks Fer Watchin!</p>