Whats Recreational Hash Rosin Like? - Happy Cabbage Farms

www.patreon.com/matthias710 www.teamsmallnips.com Lets be honest, The majority of the rec market is full of low cost, easy to produce, mids. Period. High quality Cannabis just isnt the main concern right now and im SURE its not the main seller. So when @cannabend__ got in some Hash Rosin from @happycabbagefarms, we had to dive on into some! These range anywhere from $55 to $75 dollars which isnt too bad considering some of the strains are 6* and your paying the tax that comes along with the rec market. All four strains I tried, I would immediately buy again. They were all full of flavor and packed a serious punch with the high. We tried all four individualy and then went in on a four strain widowmaker that rekt my whole day top to bottom.I hope you all enjoy and massive shout out to @happycabbagefarms!