SHIELDING 2 - Keeping Possession • Ages 10-13

SHIELDING 2 - KEEPING POSSESSION . AGES 10-13 Former US National Champion, Coach Eric De Sousa, continues teaching the value of protecting possession with Progression 2, Decision Making. Using the skills taught in progression 1, we learn to make the best decision possible while still protecting the ball. Most young players lose possession by focusing on settling a bouncing ball before setting up a shield. This drill teaches us to place our shield between the ball and the defender prior to making a decision of what to do with the ball. As in Progression 1, set up your square using four cones or poles, and have the player stand in the middle with the ball, while two defenders rotate around the square. The player must throw the ball just above his or her head and when it hits the ground, a defender may enter to try and win possession. The player with the ball must shield and allow the ball to bounce 3 times before touching it, then decide whether to pass it to the outlet player or turn out of pressure with the ball. Same with Progression 1, the recommended practice time is 4-5 times a week for 20 minutes.