AR Takedown Tool Features & Benefits November 2022

The AR-TT Takedown Tool ™ is a complete 4-in-1 tool to takedown and field strip your AR Platform_ It's very easy and safe to use and it's also extremely durable due to the black oxide heat treat that is done on every tool. Made in the U.S.A. with US metals, manufacturing, packaging, and innovation! The AR-TT weighs approximately 58 grams, right under 2 ounces. A normal mallet and roll pin set weighs a lot more and takes up more space in your field or service bag. Each end of the tool has brass tips that unscrew. Brass is a much softer metal than aluminum and other materials weapons are made out of. Even with the misuse of the AR-TT, it will not damage or mar your gun. Most roll pins are made out of metal, slipping off your mark may immensely damage your weapon. The trigger pin end (smaller brass tip) is a double-sided tip that has an even smaller end for installing and disassembling the pivot detent pin. The larger brass end of the tool is machined to push the takedown pins out of place with the use of the spring force. This end is concaved inwards to allow it to stay in place. That also makes it handy to push down the buffer spring detent pin which then releases the buffer spring. This tool also allows the installation and takedown of the magazine release.