Pack Expo 2004: Accu-Count high accuracy counter

<p>PACK EXPO WEB EXCLUSIVE: Automated Packaging Systems offers its Accu-Count high accuracy counters at its booth, S-2206, at Pack Expo International 2004. These automatic infeed systems will count and batch at speeds to 2500 packages/hour. When integrated with the company's complete line of next-generation packaging machinery, including the AB 180 high-speed bagger and PI 412c printer, a complete count, print, and pack system is achieved. Machine uses a vibratory bowl feed and count system that has been engineered for dependable operation in high productivity applications. System can detect and count product from 1/8"" dia, 1/8"" to 2.5"" in length, and up to 2"" in width with extreme accuracy. The bag is then sealed and dispensed while another bag is preopened and presented for loading.</p>