Season 5, Episode 21: Let's Talk About Seasonal Allergies

<p>#seasonalallergies #naturalhealth #cannabis #FIMM #walkingthroughthepain</p> <p>The Wendy Love Edge Show does not dispense medical advice, and all of your health choices are your own!</p> <p>Guest Co-host: Cat Donnelly</p> <p>Guests: Jenny Dietzel, NHD Jenny Dietzel, N.H.D. is an Osage Naturopath, Musician&#39;s Herbalist, Minister and Author. She is passionate about teaching and sharing the herbal traditions of our past and present and loves formulating herbal blends. She had been teaching at local farms, stores, private businesses and homes as well as local music festivals for over 17 years. She encourages a path of self-empowerment that allows a person to find what naturally works best for them to support a healthy body, mind and spirit. Kian Xie Kian Xie is a health quality analyst and certified IIN health coach based in southern New England. He has been on a personal health journey since 2008, is involved in both the holistic/naturopathic and allopathic healthcare communities, and loves to help others support their healing by sharing personal experiences and encouraging everyone to seek the path that is exactly right for them!</p> <p>Musical Guest: Cannabis and Music</p> <p>Pairing this week: Seth Cunnigan from #walkingthroughthepain Walk A Mile With Seth</p> <p>Sponsors: The Relevnt App Karas Healthcare Lit Premium Smoking Supplies 131 Inclusion Gallery Purely Natural CBD Highlands Residential Mortgage</p> <p>This show is written and created by Wendy Love Edge</p> <p>Producer and Management: A. Edge Productions</p> <p>Editing: Flint Woods</p> <p>Miss Teddi: FIMM @learnfromteddi</p> <p>Seth Cunnigan: YouTube</p>