Seedsman's Peyote WIFI and Gorilla (Week 4)

<p>Week 4 of flower and everything is going great, all plants were defoliated on day 21 of flower and all growth on the bottom 1/3 removed, airflow couldn&#39;t be better ..all plants are fairly uniform in color but a couple are showing yellow on old growth, we&#39;ve been very light on the nutrients and will try increasing their N slightly to see if this helps..beyond a few yellow leaves everything looks great! These are reported to be long flowering strains and that looks like it might be the case, nodes have a good spacing and we&#39;re getting some amazing light penetration after thinning out the canopy..i think this will be a good yield ...Thanks for reading if you made it this far and happy harvests everyone!! ❤️</p> <p>**************************<br /> Great genetics DEFINITELY worth checking out!! ❤? :<br /><br /> Use Code &quot;Kitties&quot; for -10% off your next order!! ??<br /> ***************************</p>