How To Setup a Negative Pressure System + Update on Seedlings

<p>To get good results have a close to airtight room, have your Inline Fan away and high from your air intake as possible. Make sure your Inline Fan is at least the same volume in cubic feet as your room. The Less kinks in your ducting the better for more accurate airflow. To get cubic feet multiply your square feet of your room by the height of it. If it&#39;s not square you&#39;ll have to do the remaining calculations cuz i&#39;m too lazy and there&#39;s the internet and stuff lol. Update on Seedlings recovering from soil that had pretty much 0 drainage even though i put Perlite in it, oh well that IS the whole point of this channel, trial and error after all :) Hope it helps someone not make the same mistakes as I did in the future for other indoor beginners as myself. Happy Growing, Whatever You&#39;re Growing!</p>