CANADIAN GIVEAWAY Wanna win a whole Mars Hydro TSL2000 & 2x4 tent set up?!

<p>Well here it is. I apologize for this being for Canadians only but for the time being it&rsquo;s how it has to be.<br /> There are two ways to enter I to this contest. Through instagram on our main account.<br /> Be sure to follow ALL the rules in the description. We WILL be checking.</p> <p>Or you can enter on YouTube.</p> <p>1-You must be following this channel as well as the Mars Hydro Channel<br /> Be sure to have your subscriptions public so we can see that you are indeed subscribed to us.<br /> 2-tag another Canadian YouTuber in this videos comments who would love this set up. That&rsquo;s it.<br /> Each comment with a Canadian YouTuber tagged in it is an entry. Unlimited entries.<br /> As this was mainly a instagram giveaway we will be doing the draw when I reach 13k followers, or March 31,2021. Which ever happens first. Comments will be counted starting on instagram. Then on here. A random number generator will be used to pick the winning number via a instagram live so as not to have any doubters about the legitimacy of our giveaway. .<br /> Good luck. The winner will take home this exact same setup. Shipping is paid for.</p> <p>You can also buy this and other Mars Hydro products at and save money by using PROMO CODE:WCP at the check out.</p>