Auteur Kenneth Anger Talks Lucifer's Reign on Earth

Kenneth Anger is a master of avant garde film. His influence can be seen in filmmakers as diverse as Martin Scorsese (who calls him “without a doubt, one of our greatest artists”), Roger Corman, George Lucas, Gus Van Sant, Guy Maddin, and David Lynch, not to mention the pop art of Andy Warhol, and almost every music video. In this video produced by artist and Kenneth Anger collaborator Brian Butler, the auteur discusses his spiritual views while images of his films and a live performance of Technicolor Skull, with Anger performing on Theremin and Butler on guitar, are stitched together in an anarchic arrangement of unbridled oddity and amazement. Read the full story: <i><a href="">Kenneth Anger Explains Why We Need to Get Along With Lucifer</a></i>