Holly Jolly Hotbox sesh | Bakedbeauty420

<p>Ho ho ho! Welcome back to my channel Beech! Today we are very much in the Christmas spirit for this Holly Jolly Hotbox! I attempt to hotbox my bedroom closet. Let me tell you being one person trying to hotbox a closet is really mf hard! Lmaoo, Next time I am gonna need to roll some blunts or joints to get it a little more hazey. But none the less I still got LITTY TITTY in this hotbox! I was seriously so lit by the end of this video. You guys seem to really love my hotboxes &amp; I hella appericiate it! Thank you for watching my video. As always don&#39;t forget to give this video a likeif you enjoy it. &amp; SUBSCRIBE TO THE FAM BEECH!</p> <p>Want to see more of me?</p> <p>Insta:<a href="https://www.instagram.com/_bakedbeauty420_/">https://www.instagram.com/_bakedbeauty420_/</a></p> <p>Twitta:<a href="https://twitter.com/savannahbuss15?lang=en">https://twitter.com/savannahbuss15?lang=en</a></p>