Napolitano on Trump's 'Spygate' Claims: "I'd Want To See Evidence Before I Made An Allegation That Outrageous"

FOX News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano weighs in on President Trump's accusation that the FBI spied on him and his presidential campaign in 2016, with Martha MacCallum on Tuesday's edition of 'The Story': <blockquote>ANDREW NAPOLITANO: The allegations from Mayor Giuliani over the weekend, which would lead us to believe that the Trump people think the FBI had an undercover agent who finagled his way into Trump's campaign and was there as a spy on the campaign seem to be baseless -- there is no evidence for that whatsoever. But this other allegation with this professor (whose name we're not supposed to mention), that is standard operating procedure in intelligence gathering and criminal investigations. ... I understand the president's frustration that he was not informed of the fact that his campaign was being investigated, not because they think the campaign did anything wrong, but some people may have unwittingly... welcomed the Russian involvement in the campaign, and Donald Trump didn't know about it... If they were there for some nefarious reason, like former Mayor Giuliani suggested, to gather data from the campaign and pass it to the West Wing and Mrs. Clinton, I'd want to see evidence before I made an allegation that outrageous. </BLOCKQUOTE>