RUNTZ End of wk 4 flower Mars HydroFC4800 in Hydrobucket RDWC with TNB Naturals

<p>This grow is rocking along nicely. We have all kinds buds stacking up nicely in this rdwc system. The Mars Hydro FC4800 is doing a fantastic job lighting up this space. Covering corner to corner with light. We should have a good yielder Runtz when the harvest day comes! We owe some of that to The Enhancer CO2 dispersal canister for elevating the CO2 levels on the tent and increasing our plants vigour. The Enhancer is a good, easy, safe and all natural source of CO2 for your garden.<br /> In this video we describe a future giveaway and how we will go about it. So if you like giveaways you&rsquo;ll wan to watch to see how you will enter when the time comes.<br /> <br /> You can buy this and other Mars Hydro products at<br /> for Canada<br /> PROMO CODE:WCP</p> <p>TNB Naturals products can be purchased at the online store at<br /> or on amazon at</p> <p>Hydrobucket Save 20% with PROMOCODE WCP1<br /></p> <p>H20fx<br /></p>