How To Roll A Joint (Step By Step Visual)

How do you roll a marijuana joint? The basics of weed culture are always important, especially for Cannabis users who often never rolled a joint before in their life. So today on Lexs World we show you guys how to roll a marijuana joint with a special guest. Rolling joints requires just two pieces of equipment: the papers and the pot. A grinder helps with the bulk of the rolling work, but its not mandatory. Beyond that, you need to know what you're doing and practice, practice, practice. Now that you know how to roll, learn to use a WATER PIPE (bong): You can help me LOTS just by shopping at my Amazon Store...all grow gear and paraphernalia, like papers and grinders, hand-picked by me: My Facebook: My Twitter: Have a pressing question for me? Need to get in touch? See my 420 Club for more info: SEEDS: Please go to the following URL for worldwide shipping from an established, legal company + a deal on seeds (if the link doesn't work, you gotta pause Adblock, also, make sure you favorite this link):