<p>I was tagged by SMOKINGHARLEY for Stoner Tag! ENJOY! Stay elevated gods and goddesses, kings and queens xoxo</p> <p>xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo</p> <p>AND I TAG 3 LADIES!</p> <p>-BABYBOP94</p> <p>-BADGRANNY</p> <p>-STENCHIEE</p> <p>--Stoner Tag Questions--</p> <p>1. First time smoking weed?</p> <p>2. What is your favorite way to consume Cannabis?</p> <p>3. Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?</p> <p>4. What were your 420/2020 plans?</p> <p>5. Favorite place to have a session?</p> <p>6. Do you prefer to smoke alone or with friends?</p> <p>7. How long have you been using Cannabis?</p> <p>8. Does your family know about your Cannabis use?</p> <p>9. What is your go-to munchie snack?</p> <p>10. Who is your favorite Cannabis influencer?</p> <p>11. Have you ever gotten in trouble behind Cannabis?</p> <p>12. Go-to artist/genre or playlist when you are high?</p> <p>13. Joints//Blunts VS pipes/pieces/vapes</p> <p>14. Flower or concentrate? I FORGOT THIS QUESTION WTF LOL XO but FLOWER is my favorite for certain!!!</p> <p>15. Day or night smoker?</p> <p>16. What is the highest you&#39;ve ever been?</p> <p>17. Recreational or medical?</p> <p>18. Do you eat edibles?</p> <p>19. Have you ever grown a plant?</p> <p>20. Highest price you spent on Cannabis?</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Find me on my other social media, to stay connected!</p> <p>New music coming VERY SOON XOXO</p> <p>xo-xo-xo-xo-xo-xo-xo</p> <p>Youtube: AliceinGanjaland (New AF! So subscribe!)</p> <p>IG: Therealqueenalice</p> <p>Snapshat: Suicidegalcandi</p> <p>Tik Tok: AliceinGanjaland (New AF)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>