<p>I am so excited to introduce you to Moose Lab&#39;s MouthPeace!! My health has always been important to me, however it wasn&rsquo;t until we experienced this current pandemic that I became aware of how much bacteria is constantly surrounding us. So I was truly shocked when I discovered how dirty our smoking devices can be! If fact, Moose Labs did a study to prove how much bacteria there is on our pieces in comparison to ordinary objects we think of as gross... MAWMA, the results will blow your mind! As an influencer (and human being), it is also crucial to me that I partner with companies who are not only progressing/improving the cannabis industry but also the world at large. That is why I am thrilled to say Moose Labs has made generous donations to Black Lives Matter Foundation, Last Prisoner Project, and The Trevor Project during this time. Shope their website now, and use code &quot;Laganja&quot; to save 15%!!</p>