Ethos Grow Episode #13 Week 4 of Flower

<p>Had all the girls pulled out to water/feed and give you a glimpse of how they are looking. This is Week 4 of Flower and they all seem to have their own little flair to them. Stacking is looking nice. Been getting rid of all the old/bottom growth that just looks ready to pull. Definitely ready to see these things in a month. I&#39;m really enjoying one how one of the Strawberry Lemonade plants are growing and will be exciting to see how she turns out. They got a little bigger than I would have liked, but it&#39;s about the tallest it could have gotten, so I did maximum fill in the tent. Exciting times to come!</p> <p>Thanks again for all your support. I really want to start a career in the industry. If I can get my name out there and someone is willing to take a chance on me, because they see my determination and drive to want to succeed is what I need. I&#39;m taking things into my own hands, but sometimes a little help along the way can be what makes/breaks you.</p> <p>If you would like more up to date content, you can check out my Instagram at I have been posting mostly on Cannabuzz now, if anyone wants me to keep posting on IG, just let me know. Otherwise, I probably won&rsquo;t.</p> <p>You can now find me over at Cannabuzz as well! It&rsquo;s an amazing social media app for all lovers of Cannabis from beginners to professionals. I&rsquo;ll probably start being more active on it rather than Instagram, because the positivity from the platform is unreal. I suggest you all to check it out and give me a follow and that you found out about it from my channel if you really want to help me out.</p>