SHIELDING 1 - Keeping Possession • Ages 10-13

SHIELDING 1 - KEEPING POSSESSION . AGES 10-13 In this video, founder of So Flo Coaching Eric De Sousa teaches the critical aspect of protecting possession by shielding. When a player has the ball in a high pressure situation and does not see an outlet, the number one priority must be to protect the ball.The first step is to set up a square using four cones or poles, if available. The player starts with the ball in the center of the square while two defenders rotate around the square. When the coach says go, not knowing which defender will apply pressure, the player must quickly shield the ball to protect possession. When shielding, the player must follow these three important points: keep both feet in a side stance between the opposing player and the ball, get low to the ground for a better center of gravity, and use the forearm as a shield keeping the elbow down while not fully extending his or her arm. Protecting possession is the number 1 priority for the player with the ball, and keeping possession is paramount to be successful. Practice this drill 4-5 times a week for 20 minutes to master.