SheSmokes Media Presents - Winter Sesh 2021

<p>Cheers to everyone that came out on this fun occasion!</p> <p>This was our first ever sesh event and the guest list was full. We are so grateful to everyone who came out to this private event, where the grams were half priced, where theedibles and dabs were complimenary, and lastly where guests could enjoy a clear star filled sky while being warmed by a bon fire.</p> <p>Check more from this night out on my website &quot;;, where you and your company can book with SheSmokes media and affiliates to create YOUR dream content. Heck, we can even host your events and film them! Tap in for a fun night of holiday cheer brought to you by all of these amazing companies and people! Follow our sponsors and vendors for more on I.G!</p> <p>-Rhi_Oh_Rhi_ (Host and Event Coordinator)</p> <p>-Rhi_Oh_Rhi</p> <p>-CaliforniraFire_Vapes</p> <p>-LungDoctorSmokesShop</p> <p>-Rain.slt</p> <p>-Anerdco (Filmed This Video)</p> <p>-Backpackboys</p> <p></p> <p>-Kelliz Catering</p> <p>-YungloverBoi</p> <p>-ThaRealDizzyDee</p> <p>*credit to FIEND WORLDWIDE- Katebi for some of the sound in the video shown here*</p>