Bernie Sanders Responds To His "Betrayed" Supporters: "Not About The Lesser Of Two Evils"

Appearing on "Good Morning America," Bernie Sanders responds to his supporters who feel betrayed by his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. GMA host George Stephanopoulos referenced two Facebook posts from disgruntled Sanders supporters: "You broke my heart and betrayed the Left, Sen. Sanders," said one person. "You chose her over us," said another. "What do you say to your supporters who feel betrayed," Stephanopoulos asked. "What I say is it is absolutely imperative for the future of this country that Donald Trump not be elected President of the United States," Sanders responded. "At a time when this country has enormous crises, we do not, and can not have a man with Trump's temperament with the nuclear code and running the country." "So it is about the lesser of two evils?" Stephanopoulos followed up. "No, it is not about the lesser of two evils," Sanders replied. "If you look at issue by issue, we have Hillary Clinton who wants to significantly raise the minimum wage -- we have millions of workers in this country working on starvation wages. We have Donald Trump who wants to let states have the right to do away with the concept of the minimum wage. People could be working for five bucks an hour." "We have Hillary Clinton who wants to expand healthcare. Hillary Clinton wants to make public colleges and universities in this country tuition free for all those families in this country making $125,000 or less. Donald Trump wants to end the Affordable Care Act and put 20 million people off of health insurance." "Trump does not even believe what the entire scientific community is telling us about climate change." Asked about <a href="">Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's statement that if Trump won she would look into moving to New Zealand</a>, Sanders said he agreed with her.