Photographer Captures Incredible Images Of Frozen Russian Apartments In Europe’s Coldest City

A photographer has captured a series of incredible images of frozen abandoned Russian apartments. Photographer Arseniy Kotov visited Vorkuta last month (Feb 21) which is also known as Europe's coldest city. Vorkuta is a small mining town that once held one of the largest and most gruelling forced labour camps during Stalin’s reign. During his visit, Kotov toured various housing complexes built for workers many of which were abandoned when the mines closed. His photographs frame the dilapidated, five-story structure that’s entirely subsumed by feet-long icicles and mounded snow. Relics from former residents and the chipped, blue paint peek through the frost much of which clings to the stairs and banisters and climbs the wall. The buildings are completely transformed into chilling caves. Tere are an estimated 50,000-70,000 residents in Vorkuta at present, with many abandoned structures littering the landscape.