Klobuchar to Comey: "We All Have Mixed Legacies," We All Have Things We Regret And Things We're Are Proud Of

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) dismissed the importance of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday that featured testimony from former FBI Director James Comey. "I think a lot of people are wondering why we are having this hearing right now," Klobuchar said. "And I think most people would think we should be talking about other things. Except maybe President Trump. And I understand the Chair’s statements about wanting to move on FISA reform." "I will point out the Republicans have been running the Senate for the last four years," the former candidate for president continued. "They have their own internal disagreements on FISA. The president has been president for the last four years, and I haven’t heard him talking about FISA reform repeatedly as one of his major priorities." "I will get to Mr. Comey in a while," Klobuchar continued her monologue. "I’ll note that he has appeared before this committee many times. If you look at all of these reports about what he did in his time in office, I don’t agree with everything that he did, but I do know, as being his classmate in law school, I could call him anytime and ask him things. But I also know that he had the respect of a lot of people that worked for him. And so if I look at legacies, we all have mixed legacies. We all have things that we regret, we have things that we’re proud of."