My Ouija Board experience plus spiritual talking

<p>Thisvideo is about my first time experiancing the Ouija board with my old roommates back in 2016, I knew what I was going to expect but the others really didn&#39;t know what was going to happen. Anyway that night was suppoused to be interesting until we ended up getting bad news within the spirit. Wellthen later on after everything had finish we did&#39;t initally close the portal to the other side and bad stuff started to happen within the household. Alot of bad enerygy came into play were things started taking a odd turn for everyone including myself were I wasn&#39;t able to get a good job or a reliable one as well.</p> <p>I did infact realize it was from that after I had left the house that same day when they kicked me out, but once I left all the negative energy that was with me wasn&#39;t because of me or anything it was from being in that household. After doing alot of Urban Exploaring I do believe a lot of spirits had follow us, so all the energy that was within the household had to been because of the adventures we have done. I knew going into all of those trips was risky but the adventure of seeing and feeling spirits is something especially if you do believe in them.</p> <p>I do have more ghost and spirit stories that I will be doing soon, but with that being said hope you guys enjoy the story time, I&#39;ll for sure be uploading more but I would have to remember which ones I haven&#39;t done yet, but with that being said enjoy this content.!.</p> <p>Music by Pharaoh#9 check out his music on Apple and Spotify</p> <p></p>