*UPDATED* What's in my Stoner Stash Box? | 2022

<p style="margin: 5px;">Hi, everyone! If you have not watched my original What's in my Stoner Stash Box (2021) click here <a href="https://theweedtube.com/video/what-s-in-my-stoner-stash-box-february-2021-125076" target="_blank">https://theweedtube.com/video/what-s-in-my-stoner-stash-box-february-2021-125076</a> to watch. Comment down below what's the weirdest thing YOU have in your stash box.</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Shop Blazy Susan smoking accessories at https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1859983&amp;u=3175648&amp;m=116036&amp;urllink=&amp;afftrack= and use code BLAZY10 for 10% off all orders</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Thank you to all my subscribers for keeping up with me this week!! See y'all soon :)</p><p style="margin: 5px;">As always, Like this video if you enjoyed, Subscribe to stay, and have a great day!</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Lots of love, Adel</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Connect with me:</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Instagram: @adel.delvalle</p><p style="margin: 5px;">YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgGhvGfR17kytYkAoQQn50Q </p><p style="margin: 5px;">The WeedTube channel: https://theweedtube.com/user/adeldelvalle</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Treat yo self:</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Try Sherpa THC products at https://sherpathc.com?sca_ref=2312228.P1z6s6c1l and use code “ADEL” to save 25% off!</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Check out MOONWLKR Delta 8 products at https://lddy.no/14yj6 and use code "ADEL" to save 25%</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Try Texas-grown Sweet Sensi CBD products at https://shrsl.com/3lshf </p><p style="margin: 5px;">Visit HoneySuckle Brand at https://honeysucklebrand.com?sca_ref=2357823.SBEbW8htxb and code ADEL15 saves 15% off all products!</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Try Five CBD and save 35%! http://fivecbd.refr.cc/adeldelvalle no code necessary $$$</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Check out the variety of Delta products from Serene Tree at https://serenetree.com/?ref=DPMe0-fXA1-ln9 and use code ADEL for 20% off</p><p style="margin: 5px;">:)</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Check out Pure Relief CBD products at https://bit.ly/3hvS1s and use code ADEL15 for 15% off</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Treat yo self to stoner boxes:</p><p style="margin: 5px;">Find your perfect Cannabox starting at $15.99 here and use ADEL10 for 10% off store-wide! https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=2040695&amp;u=3175648&amp;m=125608&amp;urllink=&amp;afftrack= </p><p style="margin: 5px;">An amazing box for my subscribers: https://stoneybabebox.com/?sca_ref=886341.hpayr0EL7x</p><p style="margin: 5px;">NOTICE this video is not sponsored | Nothing for sale</p><p style="margin: 5px;">If you would like me to review your product, please email adelinaq515@gmail.com</p>