Trump: "We Are Going To Punch Through The Media"

Donald Trump hits the media, particularly CNN, 'the Clinton News Network,' at a campaign rally in Harrisburg, Penn. Monday night. "We have a media that is so dishonest," Trump said. "These are among the most dishonest people you will ever, ever meet." "We are going to punch through the media," he said. "We have to." Trump tonight: <blockquote>TRUMP: These are among the most dishonest people you will ever, ever meet. These people -- you know, I've had days where I have said, 'Boy, this was a great day. I'll look forward to seeing it tonight or tomorrow and it's brutal.' And I say, 'What happened?' We are going to punch through the media. We have to! <i>The New York Times</i> is totally dishonest. Totally dishonest. <i>The Washington Post</i> has been a little bit better lately but not good. By the way <i>The New York Times</i>, which is failing badly. I call it 'The Failing <i>The New York Times</i>.' Every story that they write is a hit job. I could do the greatest thing in the history of the world. I could come up with a cure for the most horrible disease in the world and they give me a front-page horrible, horrible story. <i>The New York Times</i> is very dishonest but it will be out of business soon. I hope. It will be out of business. It will. Really dishonest reporters. Not all of them, but most of them. And CNN. CNN is like all Trump all the time. All Trump all the time. You walk out of an interview and you say, 'that was a good interview' and then you get killed for the rest of the weekend. So they are so biased toward Crooked Hillary. You know they call it: CNN, Clinton News Network. CNN. Clinton News Network. Totally dishonest. But hopefully a lot of people aren't watching it.</blockquote> (video via <a href=""></a> livestream)