4 Ways To Dab Cannabis Concentrates

<p>Want to get into the world of dabbing concentrates? It can seem intimidating with all the torches involved. Well, dabbing can be an awesome option for people for a few reasons. It lasts longer (depending on how much you dab), it&#39;s a bit more affordable, and some say it&#39;s even safer than smoking weed because you aren&#39;t inhaling all the plant matter that comes with smoking flower. If you&#39;re interested in learning how to dab, watch this whole video. I take you through 4 different options for dabbing. Torch and banger, e-nail, and dabvac. Let me know if you have any follow up questions in the comments!</p> <p>Follow me:</p> <p>Instagram: @arendrichard</p> <p>Twitter: @arendlovesyou</p> <p>Snapchat: @arend90</p>