Power Clean

POWER CLEAN In all of the pulling movements from the floor the following positions/actions should be observed and mimicked. The stance width is approximately at hip-width. The feet may point slightly out. The feet should be placed so that the bar is positioned above the phalangeal-metatarsal joint. The shins should be in contact with the bar at liftoff. The shoulders should be ahead of the bar. The back should be flat. The lats should keep the angle between the arms and torso from opening up as the bar rises to knee height. The elbows should be pointed to the sides. The eyes should be looking straight ahead The bar is started off the floor by extending the hips and knees so that the hips, knees, shoulders and bar elevate simultaneously until the bar reaches the knees. The center of pressure moves from the ball of the foot to the heels. The bar rises above the knee as the knees are thrust forward slightly as the torso move toward vertical. The center of pressure moves back to the ball of the foot as the power position is achieved. The lifter then rapidly extends the knees, hips and plantar flexes the ankle until the entire body is as close to vertical as possible. The arms then flex with elbows to the side and the shoulders shrug violently. Once the bar reaches maximum speed, the lifter initiates the footwork and drops rapidly to the catch depth which is determined through estimation. The elbows move forward rapidly as the weight comes to rest on the deltoids. The grip is simultaneously relaxed.