TIM HARDAWAY’S CROSSOVER DRIBBLING SERIES. Let coach Cedric Carter and five-time NBA All-Star, Tim Hardaway (the ‘Crossover King’) show you have to perfect your crossover dribble. Learn how the repetition of working on your crossover dribble will help you enhance your dribbling abilities and effectiveness in shifting your defenders. With the crossover dribble, you want to utilize your shoulders, eyes and hips. Starting in a stationary position, start dribbling the ball with either your right or left hand, then cross the ball in front of you in the middle of your body, preferably low and beneath your knees to the opposite hand and side of your body. Do this as quickly as possible so that you can build up the dribble speed and power with your crossover dribble. Do the same thing while performing the crossover dribble behind your back. As you start to add movement to your dribble, perform the same tasks, but this time you move forward or backward as you complete each crossover dribble. Practice these moves and, while you may not become the next ‘Crossover King’, you will become a more feared opponent when handling the basketball.