How To Make RSO Butter! Cannabutter For Edibles!

<p><a href=""></a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>This is how we make Cannabutter using RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) for edible recipes! Very easy to make and is enough for 2-4 recipes! Chocolate PB Salted Macadamia Nut Edible Recipe using this butter is coming soon! Stay tuned! 1 Cup Butter 2x 1000mg Tubes RSO Place RSO tubes in hot water from the tap. Melt butter in microwave slowly till fully liquified. Dispense RSO into butter and whisk with fork until incorporated fully. Store in fridge for later use. Depending on the quality of butter used there may be excess moisture after that will separate from the butter, simply drain off and discard excess moisture if present. Servings Size: 1 Tsp Butter is approx. 42mg 48x 1 Tsp Servings per cup 1 Tbsp Butter is approx. 126mg 14x 1 Tbsp Servings per Cup **Note** THC levels in RSO may vary, please test a 1tsp sample to see the effects and they adjust recipe dosage as needed, everyone is different so this recipe fits our personal preference. Disclaimer: Everything featured on this channel is done so in accordance with local state laws. Please follow your local laws. We do not promote unlawful behavior. All content is strictly for educational &amp; informational purposes. Please be kind to everyone and always be safe.</p>