Unicorn Portable Electric Dab Rig Unboxing

<p>I recently had the pleasure of testing out the new Unicorn <a href="https://www.lookah.com/dab-rigs.html">Dab Rig</a> from Lookah. This sweet little rig is a portable water-cooled device with a magnetic connection. It looks cool, but how well does it work? Let&rsquo;s dive in and see, shall we?</p> <p><a href="https://www.lookah.com/vaporizers/portable-electric-dab-rigs/unicorn-portable-electric-dab-rig.html" target="_blank">The Lookah Unicorn is a beauty of engineering</a>consisting of 3 main parts: The base, the atomizer coil, and the water-cooling percolator. The base of the unit houses a 1900mAh rechargeable battery and a singular button that functions as a power switch and the means to cycle through the three heat settings.</p>