June Hemper Unboxing! (& happy pride month!)

<p>Okay so the first time I uploaded this it saved without sound so:</p> <p>tip) TRIPLE CHECL UR VID BEFORE UPLOADING</p> <p>Its your two inconsistent shitposters back with another unboxing. We love Hemper okay, we stanhemper. We ride for hemper. And we die for hemper. Literally because this bongmurdered us. Enjoy, and get your own because youdeserve to. It&#39;s pride month, treat yourself gays and theys &hearts;️</p> <p>dont forget to use our code &quot;Wednesdays&quot;:</p> <p><a href="https://www.hemper.co/">https://www.hemper.co/</a></p> <p>check out our other socials for more fuckery of sorts:</p> <p><a href="https://linktr.ee/onwednesdayswesmokeweed__">https://linktr.ee/onwednesdayswesmokeweed__</a></p>