E57P4: Playstation 5 VS Xbox Series X. We compare Gaming Consoles & argue Discs vs Digital Copies.

<p>The buds go full-on &#39;STAN&#39; on the new Sony Playstation 5. We talk about the specs of the console and videogames being released including Spiderman, #GrandTheftAuto, and Grand Turismo. The Podheads end up comparing the new #PS5 to the also recently reviewed #XboxSeriesX from Microsoft. They conclude that both systems will have storage problems as games these days will be 100 gigs plus. Which one are you going to buy? Get in the cipher and let us know.</p> <p>Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @thepodheadswebshow @podheadfrank @makincmoney @podheadsjb</p>