Crafty+ Plus Vaporizer Unboxing (2022)

<p>The classic little brother to the Mighty had some upgrades and re-released them as the new and improved Crafty + by Storz &amp; Bickel.</p> <p>Packed with a new USB-C charging port that allows for fast charging, that means that you will be able to charge your device entirely in under 30 minutes. To us, that just sounds like more spare time to enjoy our Crafty Plus Vaporizer. Also, adding the ceramic-lined heating chamber on the Crafty Plus vape makes cleaning and maintaining you&#39;re crafty even easier than before. It won&#39;t stain like the old stainless steel bowl, so that&#39;s a positive.</p> <p>If you want to learn more about the new Storz &amp; Bickel Crafty+ Plus Vaporizer, check out the in-depth reviews on our blog.<br /> <a href=""></a> (Canada)<br /> <a href=""></a> (USA)</p> <p>Purchase here:<br /> <a href=""></a> (Canada)<br /> <a href=""></a> (USA)</p> <p>Follow our Instagram - <a href=""></a><br /> See us on Facebook - <a href=""></a><br /> Talk to us on Twitter - <a href=""></a><br /> Dance with us on Tiktok - <a href=""></a><br /> #tools420</p>