Chris Wallace: Are January 6th Hearings Changing People's Minds? Not So Much

CNN contributor Chris Wallace said on Thursday it is difficult to argue that the January 6th Committee is "making their case" and changing minds when Trump-backed candidates are winning and anti-Trump Republicans are losing. <blockquote>WALLACE: Well, I think that they have done a very effective job so far. And they have only had two hearings, but the opening sequence in which they basically went through the whole thing and then specifically when they focused on what, you know, what has been called the big lie, the argument that in fact Donald Trump knew that he had lost the election, and continued to pursue this argument that it was a stolen election, a rigged election. I think they have done a good job of that, but, you know, I was skeptical from the start, and said so before the first hearing about what impact that would have. And all you have to do is look at the results of the primaries on Tuesday where you have Tom Rice, one of the very few, I think ten Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump over the January 6th riot, he's a five-time -- five-term congressman from South Carolina and not only was he beaten, in the Republican primary, but the election denying challenger, Russell Fry, got 50 plus percent of the vote and this five-term congressman Tom Rice got 25 percent for an incumbent, that's pretty bad. You also had election deniers winning, including for secretary of state, in the Republican nominee in Nevada, a swing state. So, you know, are they doing an effective job in making their case, yes. Is it going to change people's minds -- I think that's very much to be determined and the early indications are not so much. </blockquote>