<p>We are finally about to hit 100 subs on YouTube&amp; because of that we are doing a Basic Attention Token (BAT) giveaway. All you have ot do is be a subscriber on our YouTube channel before the drawing which will be help one week from the time we hit 100 subs. We are at 97 now. The winner will get $10 worth of BAT.</p> <p>When we hit 100 subs on TheWeedTube, we will do something similar</p> <p>Also taking a look at the BAT chart to see where I think its headed</p> <p>Tomorrow is 4/20 within 4/20/2020 so make it a good one and stay lit. We will be putting out a couple videos tomrrow so stay tuned and dont forget to like and subscribe. Thanks, Peace</p>