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<p>Founded in 2020, Gas Mob has been one of the worlds fastest growing cultural brand in the world!Starting as just an idea to its conception never strayed. It&rsquo;s Founder and Co-Founders we&rsquo;re committed to providing all our costumers with the highest quality services and products, while adding value to the every young entrepreneur.<br /> <br /> We believe everyone deserves a chance to prosper in cannabis. The war on drugs and prohibition on cannabis has effected millions of lives in a negative way while the oppressor is profiting at the same time. It doesn&rsquo;t make sense, and that&rsquo;s the reason why Gas Mob is here and here to stay! Your success and health is the #1 priority of all!</p> <p>The Gas Mob as a community, a team, and family for all cannabinoid and hemp lovers. Along with providing quality products and services we want to remind everyone keep yourselves and closest relatives stay safe and healthy.</p> <p>By looking after our peers, and community, through hard work and smart thinking, we will accomplish anything we set our eyes on. The only question is, will you be a part of the revolution?</p>