1st Time Pressing Rosin?!?

<p>As the title indicates in this episode of growing kush I will be pressing rosin from some of the flower material I had from my last indoor cannabis harvest. I just got my rosin plates from Dulytek &amp; a 10-Ton Shop Press so I figured its time to document my 1st ever rosin press for you, the viewers. In this video I end up pressing 2 oz. of flower material 1 ounce being Pink Kush &amp; the second being Blue Cheese Kush. for a total of 4 presses.</p> <p>Along the way I end up having a few mistakes and mishaps but hopefully you guys learn from my mistakes and or give me some advice if you know exactly what I was doing wrong and have some sort of experience pressing rosin. Otherwise, making this video was fun and I hope you guys enjoy it.</p> <p>If you are in the market for a Rosin Press &amp; looking for some great quality pressing tools or accessories for dabbing and pressing your own Rosin make sure to use my Affiliate link below and save yourself 5% on your next order with Dulytek</p> <p>Dulytek Affiliate Link : https://dulytek.com?aff=55</p> <p>Show some support to my channel by Liking, Subscribing &amp; leaving your comments &amp; questions. You Can Always Follow Or Message Me on any of these other socials or just drop me a line and let me know how your gardens going you can even send me a pic.</p> <p>Instagram - @SilkySlim416</p> <p>YouTube - SilkySlim416</p> <p>Twitter - @Sslim416</p> <p>SnapChat - @SilkySlim416</p> <p>TheWeedTube -@SilkySlim416</p> <p>FaceBook - SilkySlim416</p> <p>For Brand/Media/Sponsorships/Promos Only Email: SilkySlim416@GMAIL.COM</p> <p>music in the video:</p> <p>Sypooda : Aphrodite instrumental</p> <p>Sypooda : Hell Below instrumental</p> <p>Sypooda : Your Flyness instrumental</p> <p>#SILKYSLIM416 #Dulytek #Rosin</p>