Politicians And Weed The Pot Politics Major Story Today Cannabis News Now Jan 18th, 2022

<p>Today&#39;s episode of Cannabis News Now welcome to the podcast where we talk about all things in the cannabis and it&#39;s peripherals. I&#39;ve got a few story&#39;s today, a big one is Thailand makes a big announcement relating to cannabis.</p> <p>The next big story for the day and is headlining you may have already seen it, democratic senate runner Gary Chambers smokes a blunt in his campaign ad and posts it to Youtube, in it he talks about the injustices many face relating to cannabis related crimes and finally,</p> <p>a story covering the difficulties and barriers of entry for cannabis related research, what those in the industry say and it shares some of the obstacles including the inconsistencies of the law depending on the government agency.</p> <p>All this and more thanks for listening.</p> <p>#cannabisnewsnow #cannabiseducation #cannabispolitics #cannabisnewstoday #weed #marijuananews #potpolitics</p>