Dershowitz: The Hard Left Is Very Anti-Semitic; Keith Ellison, Black Lives Matter Inspire Anti-Semitism

Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz reacted to <a href="">outgoing Sen. Harry Reid's speech on the Senate floor Tuesday</a> where he lambasted Donald Trump for his appointment of Steve Bannon to be one of his chief advisors. On MSNBC, Alan Dershowitz shared he receives anti-Semitic responses from "hard-left" students when he delivers speeches at colleges. He invited Reid to go to college campuses and witness how popular anti-Semitism is from the left. Dershowitz talked about "unsafe spaces" for Christians and Jews who support Israel. "What was seen in this country was a very dangerous development on both sides," Dershowitz explained in an interview on MSNBC. "We are seeing the Republicans move right and the Democrats move hard left. I have to tell you, the only thing the hard left and the hard right have in common, they hate Israel and America." Dershowitz also said Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), a Muslim who is seeking the chairmanship of the DNC, has many supporters who hate Jews. Dershowitz said Ellison would be cheered by Hamas. He also cited Al Sharpton. "Many of his supporters hate Jews. Many people who applaud his nomination," he said of Ellison. "I would say the same about Al Sharpton," the legal eagle said. "He is a decent guy, I know him. He is applauded by many people. Talk about 'unsafe spaces.' Harry Reid who I know him very well. I like him. he should go to college campuses and see how unsafe they are for people on the right and Christians and Jews who support Israel. We have to understand this phenomenon that applies to the hard right and the hard left." MSNBC anchor Steve Kornacki fought back and said there has been an uptick of anti-Semitism on Twitter and comments sections on websites following Donald Trump's entry into politics. "This is tough to measure and you start talking about dangerous roads here," Kornacki argued. "When you talk about comment sections in Twitter, there has been a noticeable uptick and a lot of reporters have talked about the anti-Semitic commentary in terms of responses to reporters and directed at reporters in comment sections." Dershowitz fought back and asked Kornacki to look at comments he receives on articles from the "hard left." "You know where most of it comes from? Most of it comes from the hard left. I know. I publish about every month an article in the <i>Boston Globe</i>. You should read the comments that follow it. Hard left anti-Semites go after me for everything in the world. Twitter is terrible in the sense that it publishes all these commentaries, but go and see where they are coming from," he told the MSNBCer. Dershowitz educated Kornacki on the history of anti-Semitism from the left and how it has ramped up since Black Lives Matter gained influence. Dershowitz did acknowledge that anti-Semitism on the right is up, but it only "catching up" to the anti-Semitism from the left which has been in existance for 20+ years. "What's new is the anti-Semitism from the right has become emboldened and now almost catching up with the anti-Semitism on the hard left which has been in existence for 20 years," he said. "I love the concept of Black Lives Matter, but they are an anti-Semitic group. Dershowitz said Black Lives Matter believes Israel is a genocideal apartheid country. "That's anti-Semitic," he said. "I will have nothing to do with the organization while continuing to support their programs and their policies."