MSNBC's Joy Reid on Gay Nightclub Massacre: "Core Issue" Is "How Easy It Is To Get A Gun"

MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid reacts to the Orlando gay nightclub massacre on Sunday's <i>Meet the Press</i>, calling the "core issue" not "international terror," but "how easy it is to get a gun." "We have mass casualty shootings that are affecting children, teachers, people in church," Reid said. "Whether it's a hate crime or whether it's related to something -- to international terrorism, we're not getting to the core issue, which is how easy it is to get a gun." Reid did acknowledge that there happens to be law-abiding gun owners, "but we are not talking about that issue." "Florida happens to have the largest gun-owning population in the country and some of the most lax laws as to how you can get your hands on even an assault rifle," Reid said. "So if you mean to do harm, you know, we are talking about a state with 1.4 million, law abiding, obviously, gun owners, but we are not talking about that issue." "Right now the only debate that is taking place in the state of Florida is the Supreme Court weighing whether to allow complete open carry so that people can actually visibly show firearms on the streets of Florida. So we're having a debate that is so disconnected from the real fears, the fears of people like me, who are afraid to have their kids out in the world not just because of criminals, but also because of a deranged person," Reid said. "Regular people don't think of the way that we're talking about it. Regular people see violence. They see dead people in Orlando and it could have been anybody that they knew," moderator Chuck Todd commented.